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Readers Digest update

Well, here we go... back into the insanity that is my life...

I'm still at the bank - 5 years next February. I'm still running the Fraud Department, and with my training and tracking we have prevented over $250,000 in losses to fraud in two years. They like me.

I was recently moved to a different, newer branch. There were a lot of issues at the location I had been at for some time, so the move came at a perfect time. Not only does it get me away from a facility that is imploding on itself, but it also allows me to expand my training programs and spend more time working in the fraud arena. I've found my niche. Scary.

In February of this year, I had my third surgery on my finger; the one that I cut with a butter knife in November 2007. For a LONG time it had been arched up where I couldn't straighten it, couldn't move it, nothing. So they went in again, tried and so far, it has not been that successful. Even with splints and a pin in the finger for a couple of weeks after surgery, it is still curling up. At least I can do a little more with it now than I could. Let's just hope it stays that way. The really fun part will be coming soon - the doctor will completely release me next month, then my attorney will want to settle the workers comp claim. This could get ugly.... but I'm optimistic. I'm far too valuable to the bank for them to get rid of me, hopefully...

Other issues have arisen since then, but I won't get into it now. Not important.

Still single. Big fucking surprise there.

Found out yesterday that my Grandmother had a spell on Saturday at the beauty shop where she said she couldn't speak. Why she waited until Sunday night to tell anyone is beyond me, but I digress.

So she got in first thing this morning to see the doctor. The explaination to him was that she was able to speak, but it was a jumbled mess of random words, no coherent thought. Which explaination is more accurate, I don't know. But after talking to her, he said beyond the shadow of a doubt that she had suffered from a mini stroke. He ordered a boat load of different tests and put her on a daily asprin regimine, but the hospital can't get her in for the tests until NEXT WEDNESDAY.... I dunno, I don't like it one bit but what can I do.

So, that's my life. Still insane and boring. How is everyone still around in LJ land?
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