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Last Night

I know it's a brief post, but I feel it is important, significant and warranted a mention.

I was at the Alton Holiday Inn for a friend's wedding reception last night and they also had karaoke in the lounge. Now, also going on last night, the classic rock band "Survivor" was performing at the casino downtown and Argosy has a group of rooms at Holiday Inn for their entertainment. I go to Holiday Inn usually every Friday for karaoke but sometimes on Saturdays. Since I was there anyway, I figured 'what the hell.'

So I'm singin a couple songs and in walks "Survivor" and late in the evening the lead singer, keyboard player and one of the roadies do a couple songs. Now, by this point, I'm drunk. So after the lead singer sings "Stay With Me" by Rod Stewart, I go up and say the usual stuff 'I wish I could have gone to your concert, you guys are awesome, blah blah blah' and he tells me "You're awesome too. I've been watching you tonight."

I almost creamed myself right there.

That is all.
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