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Food. Bad.

I'm finally getting over my first real bout of food poisoning... I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's bad. Thankfully, my employer is very very understanding and has not thrown a fit when I had to either go home early on Monday or changed yesterday's and today's schedules. But then again - they love me.

I found out last week officially that I'm going to be working one on one with our HR/Compliance officer very very soon. Starting November 1, the Fed is putting some new and VERY stringent/difficult Identity Theft/Red Flag regulations in all of banking. I haven't had a chance to read over the material all that much, but basically banks are now empowered to do more to fight identity theft and other forms of fraud, but we're also held accountable big time if something slips through the cracks. Federal Regulators are going to basically go over our work with a fine tooth comb - not only new accounts, but actual transactions, file maintenance to ensure that if there should be a warning in place on an account for whatever reason, it's in all appropriate places so that all staff has access to it, and I believe will actually require an override should a teller be attempting to complete a transaction with such a warning.

It's going to be a challenge. But something else I discovered - I have to create a manual for all staff within the company - by September 20. This is encompassing all areas of financial fraud, scams, elder abuse, financial exploitation, kiting, forgeries, counterfeit instruments and everything else in between. Yes, it shall be fun.

I've been having some odd dreams lately as well. Two nights ago I had a dream that my mother and aunt were stopping at a restaurant in a town called Wood River not far from here where my aunt works. On the way home, they were in a bad accident and my mother died. But a day later, she showed up at the door alive and well...

Last night, I had a follow up dream. Not to that, but to something I had years ago. I've always done this - I have a dream, usually something very strange. Then quite some time later, I pick up after it left off, continuing the story. Originally I had a dream where there was a building on our high school campus that was all but abandoned, and it had a really nice auditorium/theater in it. Well, being the nosy bastard that I am, I had to tour the place. Now, there were empty class rooms, abandoned desks, papers, everything that you would find in a place that was abandoned in a hurry. There were also major rumors that the place was haunted.

Especially the auditorium.

So I tried to get in, and here's where it gets fuzzy because it's been so long. I found a way in the auditorium on the third floor of the building, tried to get in but something or someone heard me, scared the living shit out of me and chased me out.

Well, last night I picked up later - I was still in high school, but it was probably three years later. I was a Senior. And they had completely redone that building and of course, all my classes were in it. So I go in, find a computer thing that prints out a 20 page packet of all of my information just by using a sensor to identify it's me (I don't type, speak, nothing) and I get my schedule with a friend. I have classes on ghosts, werewolves, mummies, all the strange shit. And they're scattered all throughout this building. I also had like 4 free periods in the middle of the day, so I just decided I'd skip most of the classes. I walked by the auditorium, but never went in for some reason, even though the doors were wide open. When I went in the classrooms though, I could see flashes of how they were - desks thrown all over, papers on the teacher's desk, trash all over. It was flashing in and out of reality. Strangest fucking dream I've had in a LONG time.

So with that, I've decided that I'm either nuts, I'm REALLY fucking nuts. Either way, you be the judge.
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