Robert (robbieboi) wrote,

My Grown Up Christmas List

It's not really a big secret that I have no life. My nights are spent in bed (usually not getting much sleep) watching movies or marathon watching a TV series on DVD. The strange part is I usually watch the same shows - Buffy, Charmed and my personal favorite, Boston Legal. Lately, however, I've gotten into Blue Bloods. Unfortunately at this point I only have the first two seasons. So I've resumed watching Two and a Half Men.

I just started Season 9, the first with Ashton Kutcher, and I'd forgotten how much I enjoy him. His first season on the show had a running gag - his character's frequent unabashed nudity and freakishly large penis.

This brings me to my Grown Up Christmas List. I want to know is Mr Kutcher shares a certain characteristic with his character, Walden Schmidt.

Some things haven't changed.

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