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And now... Direct from the bar....


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18 February 1983
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Wow, what can I say that hasn't been said countless times before. Well, I can think of a few things, but there might be children reading this... hehehe Anywho, I've been finding myself preferring to be called Robert of late. I've been known as Robbie for God only knows how many years, perhaps I'm just maturing. Nah, that ain't it... lol Anyway folk... I'm now 25, going on 80, and still live in Alton IL which is roughly an hour from Good Old St. Louis MO... please drag my happy ass outta here as QUICKLY as possible! I will warn you of this... I'm a very eccentric gay guy... To prove that point, I WILLINGLY work at a bank.... Yeah, that proves the insanity aspect. Anywho.. I'm a friendly guy.. I'm crazy.. I'm fun.. and unfortunately lately, usually sober. But it's ok... If you feel like adding me or chatting with me, I invite you all to do so.

For a time, I made all the entries in here Friends Only. I've got my personal reasons for that, and may possibly still post things that are strictly friends only, but for the most part I'm generally a very public person. But as it stands now, I'm gonna revert back to a public entity. I'm fickle though, so you never know what I'm gonna do next. In this journal, you'll find any number of things... It's mostly my ranting, rambling and various surveys/quizzes I find... sometimes there's even important things. At any rate, feel free to join in the insanity! I promise it'll be fun!


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